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Breast augmentation | Augmentation mammoplasty

Hypomastia (Small breast) can be Congenital, Post lactational and postmenopausal. Breast Augmentation is very satisfying cosmetic Surgery Procedure achieved with silicon gel or saline implant. It gives women lot of self-confidence and self-belief. Implant can be inserted by various incisions like

1.    Inframammary

2.    Periareolar

3.      Transaxillary

4.    Transumblical

Procedure is mainly done under general anaesthesia. May require one day admission.


Breast reduction |Reduction mammoplasty

Done for hypertrophy of breast or asymmetry of breast. Very large breasts can be embarrassing for any lady in public place. Breasts can be reduced to normal size and shape.Breast reduction can be defined as surgical reduction of breast volume to achieve a smaller, aesthetically shaped breast mound with concomitant relief of the potential symptoms of mammary hypertrophy. In addition there is some evidence to suggest that breast reduction may reduce the individual risk of breast cancer. Results can be achieved by various surgical techniques. Procedures is done under general anaesthesia. Patient may require one to three days admission


Mastopexy (New skin bra)

Mastopexy or breast lift as it is commonly referred to by those seeking the procedure , encompases a wide array of techniques, depending on the patient’s preferred characteristics. The universal complaint among the women is ptosis or “sagging breasts”. However mastopexy is also used to treat congenital and acquired asymmetries as well as congenital deformities such as a tuberous breast.







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